Awkwardness: Our New Skin

You guys! What’s the one thing that connects us all?

Social media?
Fake love for fitness?
Oops no, I hurt a few clearly!
Love for fitness?
Love for being ourselves?
Ah, an absolute no!
Having an opinion about everything?

But what’s the beast of all?

If you ask me, it has to be our undying love for Awkwardness.

Isn’t it very ironic that the very set of people who call themselves the millennials, the alpha of any pack, the uber cool and ultra confident clan, are also the most awkward people to have around?!

So there are a few typical traits which all of us possess; I mean,

Earphones and glaring at the screen are too mainstream now; our innovative juices have made it about much more now!

1. To talk or not to talk:

This has to be the numero uno in my list, because it keeps happening all the time with me and I’m sure also with most of us and this may very well be extended to – “to smile or not to smile” or rather even – “to look or not to look”.

There’s a sequence usually to this. I like to call it “The Loop” – it keeps happening, time over time, on repeat!

– Accidentally looking at someone

–  Casually looking away

–  Suddenly realising that you know that person

–  Trying to remember who that person is

–  Suddenly remembering

–  Trying to figure out what response would be perfect & hence, losing time

–  Executing that response

–  Realising that the other person didn’t even react

–  Giving up

–  Trying a bit again

–  Failing

–  Looking away like nothing ever happened & REPEAT!!!

2. The thin line between being joyous and bland – How much is too much

There’s a thin line that we are expected to know while expressing,

— Express too much – “Oh she’s so hyper, this lady needs to learn how to contain her excitement!”
— Express too less – “Oh he’s a drab anyway, that human needs to express at least a bit!”

There’s never a perfect balance! Every time we try to balance it, we overshoot to eventually reach the other side. Even a simple “Hi” to a colleague, distance relative, not-so-close friend and the silent neighbour becomes so tough at times!

And, oh, the classic dilemma – handshake, hug or just a side hug?

3. To not have opinions

Opinions is the new black. Our new identity.

You have opinions and you are tagged as “smart”; quality doesn’t matter. You don’t have opinions and, well, you know what you are!

It’s so demanding – to live upto the world’s expectation to know at least something about everything and to have an opinion about it. With Google at our disposal, its considered ‘a given’ to have this pre-requisite knowledge.

True, challenge accepted.

– I go to Google, type “What are the top-5 trending items?”

–  Start reading point no.1 & get interested

– Start researching a little too much & get engrossed till confusion and tiredness start invading, shortly followed by the royal hijack of fear-of-not-knowing-anything

–  Close the window, shut the laptop

–  Go back to the world – again without any opinion and silently say,

“Hi, Awkward me is back without any opinions yet again!”

4. Admitting the ultimate truth

You are with friends. You were happy in one corner, listening to their stories, relaxed about not having to say anything yourself – no obligations. And there you go – people turn to you, expecting you to say something. Of all the billion things you could have said, the first words you utter are – “Oh me? Umm, this is so tough, I’m actually very awkward when it comes to such things”. Quintessentially perplexing situation for an awkward person to get out of!

You pause, hoping someone else takes over. Uh-no, all eyes still staring at you. You don’t know what to do.


And in that moment, you wish you were dead already, but luckily, your friend takes over and you experience what Ryan Stone experiences in the movie Gravity – sheer tranquility after having gone through an ordeal!

Besides, a fun takeaway:

A research conducted by Simon Baron-Cohen, a researcher at Oxford University, states that awkward people are prone to hyper-systemising, which allows for excellent attention to detail and recognition of patterns. Hence, when things don’t go as per their logical, linear understanding, such people get baffled and suffer from abnormal reactions to the highly volatile event around them.

Nonetheless, a few more similar meetings often lead to mastery of handling them with grace, but at the slight aberrations, the awkward clan is often found in a fix.

Though socially sensitive, these people often are awkward due to distractions at small changes, thus making them keen observants, leading to thinking in intangible directions – often leading to innovations & discoveries. Mark Zuckerberg and Woody Allen do belong to the Awkward Clan!!

So guys, its time to embrace our ‘Awkwardness’ as just another idiosyncrasy. We are cool too! 😀

And for those who want to treat it, awkwardness is just a mind-game. Shoot it down in your mind and it’ll no longer be a part of you! You’re just a tiny mass in this indescribably large universe; so no one’s essentially noticing your actions as much as you think they are noticing.

If you really want to see how tiny you are, check this wonderful demonstration by Carl Huang & Matthew Martori by clicking here. Maybe this will help you get rid of your anxiety and hence your awkwardness?

4 thoughts on “Awkwardness: Our New Skin

  1. Mark Zuckerberg and Woody Allen in the Awkward Clan ?? Had me thinking , then probably what u said makes sense , an eye opener for sure.
    As always amazing sense of writing
    The wide variety subjects you write on in these blogs really surprises me & makes me very happy. Truly you are a gifted & talented person.
    Looking forward for your next post
    All the best

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah! There’s a lot of value in our traits (eg awkwardness) that we keep undermining! Thank you very much for your kind words and appreciation Sir!😁 Its indeed feels so good to hear these words from an avid reader such as yourself! 😁


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