Decoding Creativity

**Before you read, let me break a fun fact to you: 21st of April, every year, is celebrated as “World Creativity & Innovation Day”.**

Creativity : the ability to create; the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness

It is & always has been a buzz word. All of us have been gifted with the same galaxy of neutrons, interconnected with each other, forming one of the most complex structures man has ever seen – thebrain. Then, why is it that only a few people are called “creative” ?

Even though we have the same anatomy, our behaviour – logical as well as lateral – is immensely unalike. So much so that even twins born at the same time, with partially similar set of genes, witness mammoth differences towards the way they look at world!

Why are some people inherently very creative and why some people, despite putting in all the efforts, are unable to think out of the box? What comes across as common sense to a few, in fact, comes across as a tough nut to crack for most others!

After looking up in detail, it appears that a person’s idiosyncrasies, including his/her creativity, are, in reality, related to his/her brain measurements. Interesting! 

But what does brain measurement mean & how is this proved?

Today’s neuroimaging techniques are able to produce results which take us one step closer to understanding the convoluted functioning of our brain. 

Consider the famous research on London taxi drivers’ brain changes by Eleanor Maguire. Every black-cab driver in central London has to have “The Knowledge”- a memorised map of the capital, including nearly 25,000 streets and thousands of landmarks & tourist attractions & hotspots in order to earn his license after a series of meticulous exams which have only 50% passing rate !! The learning usually takes around 3 to 4 years. In her studies, Maguire discovered an increase in the grey matter (hippocampi) –  the area in our brain that processes information- of the taxi drivers, as compared to others in the city, linked to their extensive use of brain for mapping!

Thus we see, our brain adapts to adjust with its application; it moulds as we use it. The point here is that brain is very agile and can reach levels that we cannot even think of!

Even today, the most mysterious, fastest, complex, intelligent and powerful entity is still the human brain!

Having said this, we have found that there’s a way we can develop & nurture extensive usage of brain. However, the question still remains: how is creativity developed or achieved? 

One fact that we all need to accept is that creativity is not a result of spur-of-the-moment thinking! Many people believe that creativity is very spontaneous and flows easily. Though it may seem so, in reality it isn’t ! In fact, the main difference between a right-brained (creative) person & a left-brained (analytical) person is the way the distinct zones of the brain (cerebrum) are connected to each other which leads to differences in interpretation of things between the two types of people!

Creative people have vast mental lexicon; while reading or writing, they not only interpret the verbal meaning of the words but also affiliate them to memories associated with it. Their brains are capable of connecting meanings with memories & that’s what makes the difference! That is what leads to creativity!

All this is possible, only because they keep their creative hunger alive & inventive eye open all the time. They look out for something in everything!

It’s due to the way creative people have unknowingly programmed their brain.

Take the example of a photographer. Despite having grown his/her grey matter in the domain of photography, a photographer will be able to produce good content only if he/she keeps an open eye for the perfect moments to capture. Or take the example of a comedian like Lilly Singh or Ellen DeGeneres. They are able to make people laugh by creating funny content on simple, everyday things which happen even in our lives. But the only reason they are creatively funny and we are not is because they pay attention to minute details to make their skills meet their creativity!

Well, this can be extended to almost everything! Be it writing a book or sculpting a specimen or making music or directing a movie or inventing a new concept.

Everything happens right when creative efforts & perseverance meet inspiration & motivation at the right time to do it!

And when this amalgamation happens, the results are brilliant! 

Cheers to all the people out there who are painting our lives with colour & joy with their imagination & inner beauties!!!

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  1. Necessity is mother of creativity !! In “Why ” , “How” is hidden. Hence I think we should align our Why in life for !! Happy Decoding !!

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