All about Passion

If you have visited this website, you could possibly not have missed seeing him. 

Who ‘him’?

This gentleman in blazer. Agreed, he’s over-dressed but that’s just out of sheer excitement and enthusiasm as he was informed about his official introduction to the world. I would do the same, so no complaints!

His grit and integrity must really be appreciated though. The selection process was definitely not easy. After a number of auditions, acting takes, expressions checks, dress rehearsals and on-screen tests, he finally bagged the role! It indeed was a tough 2-month period for him, but as they say – “If you genuinely wish, you really get.”

The process of selection was indeed gruelling. Since I was intrigued by his patience and sincerity during the entire journey, on a dull, shiny Saturday, when he was busy reading the next script in a local cafe, I decided to grab the opportunity to decode him.

Me: You are so young, so naive, yet so determined and so focused. How is it even possible? At my age, I am still not sure of what I am doing in my life. I’m just living life – one day at a time.

Him: It comes pretty naturally to me. I guess, that’s because I’ve found my passion and I can do absolutely anything for it.

Me: But how did you figure out your passion? That too so early?

Him: Its all hyped.

Me: What is hyped?

Him: The whole concept of “finding your passion” is flawed and oversensitized. There’s never an ideal age or time or situation for passion.

“Finding passion is more about finding the right balance between your liking and skills.”

Most people focus too much on just one of these two things. One needs to accept the fact that one may like something that he/she isn’t very proficient or skilful at or that one may be skilful at something that he/she doesn’t like as much.

Everyone thinks that passion = 100% choice of interest + 100% being skilful in it. 

But in reality, its all about finding the right balance and accepting that perfectionism is unattainable.

Me: Wow, this sounds convincing; but how to find the correct balance?

Him: There’s no better judge than your inner instinct. We all have that one inner voice which keeps telling us so many things. But we, being too naive and unmindful, keep ignoring and dismissing it as just another wishful thought.
But in reality, it is this voice that can make us do a lot of constructive things in life.
We all keep hearing it. But only a few listen to it.

Me: I hear it too, but I’m too scared to take any risk.

Him: Some risks are worth taking. I would rather live a life taking risks, than live one with regret of not having taken any risks.

 Is there any other way of knowing whether you are successful or not, without even trying? Just go for it & take the first step! There’s no point in waiting for the perfect moment.

Me: That’s so logical!

Him: Having said that, it doesn’t just end at taking risks.
Honest and persistent effort, without caring about the result, is what determines how successful one would be!

Me: But how do I gauge my efforts? What if I end up going in the wrong direction?

Him: Its easy to get lost and give up. But you have to keep going and trust your instincts. 
There will be many people who will pull down your confidence, but the trick is – Keep believing in yourself and your capabilities.
If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will!

Me: But does this assure success?

Him: Not everything is empirical. But – “If it has to happen, it will happen”!

And this is precisely how he won my heart! Who I initially thought was a funny character, was infact a smart-ass! And so, the dull, shiny Saturday afternoon set a path for a bright, hopeful & tranquil evening.

He’s truly my hero!

Say hello, everyone, to Jim!

Get your copy of a printable here & remind yourself of finding & pursuing your passion!

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