A to Z: List Of Things To Do In 2019

P.S. Smoking is injurious to health.

After a hiatus, we are back. We were in the “wont-move-until-ass-is-on-fire” world. But nevertheless, let’s get started.

(Wondering what “wont-move-until-ass-is-on-fire” world is, here’s the link to understand the world of us, procrastinators –  Won’t move until ass is on fire.)

Well, it’s that time of the year again. Everyone, everywhere is being bombarded with videos of best 2018 memories, positive messages, motivational speeches, resolutions & such inspirations, etc. And all we are doing is: Go to our gallery, ‘Select All’ —> Delete (maybe not in case of some of us who still love preserving the good messages & in case of others who have ‘auto-download’ off on WhatsApp – got you all covered!). All the other social media contains streams of pictures of our friends and relatives either partying hard or on vacation and all we have been doing is either look at it and sulk or skip looking at it altogether. There are tremendous options and hence, no end to this particular topic under discussion.

But, there’s one link that binds us all. 

Yes, we are cool, and hence we decide, “Resolutions?! Duh, give me a life bro! Enough of this same old rut; this year onwards – No-More-Resolutions!”

Agreed, resolutions are over-rated. The way Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean that it is the only day for celebrating love, New Year’s Day is not the only day to reset our lives! If we really want to bring about a change in life, we can do it on any day and at any time. Why wait for an entire year to plan and chalk down our life for the next 12 months ?!

And so, with this thinking, we choose the bold way and declare to the world “no-new-resolution-this-year” through memes & posts.

And then, first week of January passes, and we are still fixated on “no-new-resolution-this-year”. A few moments pass, and then suddenly, it’s 1st February on the calendars!!! This is when the panic monster sets in and plays with the mental calm and balance. 

Humans consistently follow the principle – “Work less, Aim more”. But this principle clashes with the psychology of human mind which aims for immediate rewards as goals can not be achieved either in less time or with less efforts. And needless to say, anxiety and fear set in!

And this is when we realise that a bit of planning would have helped tremendously! 


A brain engages itself to create a plan to navigate you from one point to another. So in order to make you reach your goal, the brain needs fodder in the form of clear end-points. It then chalks out a complex neurological plan for the present and the future based on it’s past experiences and guides you throughout the journey, till you reach your goal!

So, we turn towards planning and setting goals for the rest of the year & there it goes – our “no-new-resolution-this-year” becomes a FLOP within no time!!!
(Caught ya!! You do believe in keeping RESOLUTIONS after all!)

So here is a comprehensive list of things from A to Z that you would want to try this year!! These are not resolutions per se, but these are just a few ideas that you can include in your life to make the new year better

A- Ask more questions!
– Accept your body the way it is & if you don’t want to accept it, work on it till you are able to accept it.

-Be yourself (Very cliche, but absolutely essential in today’s world)

C- Clean up your room every fortnight.
– Care for old, young, and animals alike.

D-Declutter your mind every day before sleeping (eg. Using ‘Calm’ app, maintaining a diary, meditating, etc are a few ways.)
-Dance your heart out. (Dance is a good form of exercise & lets inhibitions go off.)

E- Empower loved ones
– Eat healthy (A handful of nuts, 2 fruits a day, a bowl of salad or a smoothie in the evening is all it takes)

F- Follow a routine ( daily routines can improve health, well-being and productivity; regularise your bedtime, exercise & eating habits)
– Face and hunt down your fears once and for all.

G- Game night with friends/family every once in 2 months (A simple sport or cards or scrabble or monopoly or dumb charades is great for reconnecting with loved ones & refreshing old memories.)

H- Hobby – Develop & nurture at least one activity this year to relieve stress & release some endorphins

I- Ink down your feelings every once a while – It has a calming effect & helps resolves complex matters with ease.

J- Jot down to-do list before bed for the next day  (makes life easier & systematic & helps achieve perfection)
– Joke around to activate “good” feelings
as laughter is the best medicine

K- Keep electronics away for 14 hrs a week (Ironically, single tasking has become more difficult these days than multi tasking! – Make life easy!)

L- Learn self defence (with so many #metoo stories around, self defence is a must- not just in the physical defence form but also in the form of speaking up for yourself & fighting for yourself)

M- Matcha is the new tea/coffee.
– Menstrual cups, girls – Its high time we start using it!
– Meditate – Cannot overemphasise on its importance. Listening to motivational words in the morning or at night, relaxing mind with soothing music, spending time in nature alone, star gazing, etc are all forms of meditation.

N- New people in life – great way to gain fresh perspective and insights

O- Open mind and heart to accept change
– Omit all the negatives (bad memories, harmful habits, cynical attitudes) in life
– Occupy mind with productive & pleasant thoughts

P- Plays over films! (Plays translate to live & exclusive viewing of extreme amount of talent, efforts, precision, practice, inspiration & thrill.)
– Pets – Go adopt!
– Pod-casts – Take a break from your mundane playlists & immerse yourself in an enlightening & gainful conversations while doing mindless chores.

Q- Quid pro quo – ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’
– Quinoa is the new grain.

– Rest. Run. Read. Roll.

S- Sleep on time and wake up on time – easiest solution for a tranquil and healthy life.

T- Take the first step  (Whether it is apologising and mending the relations, confessing love, showing courage or absolutely anything at all!)
– Talent is for others to know – Don’t keep hiding it or waiting for the perfect moment to show it to the world – it wont ever come! Just do it!!

-Utilise each day to the fullest. – Define purpose for each day.

V -Volunteer for a cause – Stand up for something that you believe – be it recycling, teaching, helping poor and needy
– Vacation minimum twice an year – it isn’t about luxury, but it is about the bodily needs!

W- Write – Revive the tradition of writing letters or emails to friends and family as it adds personal touch.

X- eXtra something everyday – minor things add up to huge results at the end.

– Yoga

Z- Zest & Zeal – maintain it throughout the year to follow whatever you’ve chosen to do this year! Consistency is the key!!!

For all those who want a quick summary, here is a printable for Things To Do In 2019:

Good luck, everyone!

2 thoughts on “A to Z: List Of Things To Do In 2019

  1. This legit is going to be my year round plan now! My bullet journal will have your printable😍
    P.S: meet me for a coffee some fortnight😂


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