Let’s introduce ourselves

lets introduce ourselves

We are the clan that has seen the first of almost everything.

Be it television, the Walkmans & then the iPods or the rise & fall of Nokia,  artificial intelligence, test-tube babies, cloning (Dolly – the sheep), the use of emojis or the inception of Google itself…the list would never end!!

We are the ones who still prefer childhood madness over all the glamor & drama of present life.

Of course, I am not trying to say that we are naïve because we are the present day multitaskers & pragmatic idealists who stay true to who they are & what they say.

We are not the typical arse-lickers & blind-followers; we are a bunch which personifies confidence & conviction.

We are risk takers, we are hard-workers, we are firm believers of no one, but our own selves!

We fail; we break our hearts; we cry; we fight; we hate ourselves; we mask ourselves; but only to rise above, all the time, higher & higher, until we start loving ourselves all the more!

Adventure runs in our blood & spontaneity in our hearts. Unpredictability rules us, while we are honest slaves of impatience. 

We are the future. We are the pulse of today’s world. We are the hope.

Yet, we are nomads & confused souls. But hey, we do find a way out every time, making us proud of ourselves & loving ourselves even more!

We find solace in nature & peace in music. Words soothe us & mortals cheer us.

We are complicated, yet so easy to deal with!

How charming we are!

All we deserve is to love & be loved!

Let’s reach out to each other. Let’s meander together. Let’s greet life in one breath. 

All in all, let’s go through metamorphoshizzlism together.

Let’s spread || GOOD VIBES ONLY ||

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